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My dad used to say if your dating a tall girl it isn't so bad. . It is! DowngoesFraser?mode=list . I miss dating really tall girls.
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The one I'm dating now just hits 5'10" and I'm like "omg he's so short". I'm five feet exactly if I stretch, and my husband's 6'4" It comes in handy when I can't reach shit on the top shelf at Wal-Mart. Anybody I date is gonna be taller than me. If you're gay, I know a really nice girl who is 4'9".

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I'm 4'11 too and I say that all the time. Anyone I would date would be taller than me. Do any of you short girls live in the Bay Area? I have a guy friend who's 5'4" and can never find girls to date since women are evidently short-guy-phobic. You mean petite women date???? You mean tall men take the time to look down and notice petite women?!

Some of these people don't really have that much of a different in comparison to the rest. Tbh, I avoid dating guys who wears flipflops. If we're not at the beach, I shouldn't see you wearing them. I'm 5'1 and have never dated a tall guy tbh. I think it's cute tho when the guy ha to bend down and kiss and shit. I think it's cute tho when the guy ha to bend down and kiss and shit Same!

I've only ever dated one "short" guy he was about 5'5 or so and it wasn't so bad, but I definitely prefer taller guys: When I dated girls, I used to be so bummed because I was taller 5'8. But when I started dating tall guys, I felt all girly twirly; my ex-boyfriend would bend down, kiss me, then pick me up off my feet. So many of my OTPs in here. I'm 5'3 and I like taller men. Over 6 ft please.

Edited at You man is home now isn't he? I've had to lower my standards to 5'10", but I like 6'0" and over. Unfortunately there aren't many guys that are tall. I have never been with a guy shorter than 6.

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It just a preference, and I think it's funny that people find such a fascination with it. This would be Seth Green and Breckin Meyer with anyone. He and his wife are super cute though. My boyfriend is shorter and I love wearing heels, luckily he doesn't mind. Sophie Dahl and Jamie Cullum My sister is 5'10, her husband is 5'6. She loves to wear heels and he loves her in heels. And what of the conduct of certain elements in the political, educational and medical establishments? Let me be clear: And I like to think we live in the sort of open-minded society where they can get all the help and support they need.

Ideas that, until recently, were considered at best fanciful, at worst extreme, seem to have infiltrated traditionally sober institutions, including the medical establishment hormone therapy is now available on the NHS even to pre-pubescent children and, perhaps more worryingly, education.

Last year, the service held 2, counselling sessions with youngsters — some as young as To help youngsters get the message, transgender ambassadors are sent into schools to talk about their experiences of transitioning. They offer advice on how to get hormone therapy and how the process has made them feel. Next month, they publish a book, Can I Tell You About Diversity, which features a year-old girl undergoing treatment to become male, to be distributed to primary and secondary schools.

Their target audience is children not even ready to choose their A-level subjects, let alone challenge their own biology. Cue sharp intake of breath. She was even punished with a detention. Eddue Redmayne in the blockbuster film The Danish Girl, in which he plays a transsexual.

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If I had been that teacher, I would have awarded her a gold star for bravery. What is not normal is encouraging otherwise perfectly content children to question their identity. After all, children are very susceptible. They also have an inbuilt desire to please those they look up to — in this case, adults promoting the trans agenda. Yes, there must be compassion for the very few who experience gender confusion. But there must also be common sense that this is not something that affects the majority of children.

But then common sense, that once great British characteristic, seems to be a dying quality these days. These lists are always hard to get right. Beyonce is, however talented, small beer compared to someone like Aretha Franklin who, at 74, has been performing for six decades and never once in her underwear.

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